Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just a few weeks ago we happily drove out of Kampala, or “Dirty K” as we so affectionately call it, and headed east to Sipi Falls.

Uganda has always been called the “Pearl of Africa”…and it truly is a jewel. But when most of your time is spent in the city, you have to get away every once in awhile to remind yourself of why Uganda earned its status as a gem.

Sipi Falls is in Eastern Uganda, just on the border of Kenya. It sits at the base of Mt. Elgon & truly is one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. Majestic is the word that comes to mind. With breathtaking views, cool mountain air, & sweeping valleys, Sipi Falls is a little slice of paradise.

It is always so refreshing for the soul to stop & experience God’s creation. Our weekend away was such a gift. His creation truly is a beauty to behold…for today, soak in the beauty!!

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